ACET Collaboration Portal

Ransomware. Phishing. ACH Debit Fraud.

These are just a few of the threats faced by credit unions daily. To help credit unions fight these threats, the NCUA developed the Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool, and will begin using it to assess risks starting in 2018, as part of its annual audit and exam process.

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ACET Portal

Seeking help on your NCUA cybersecurity exam?

The ACET Collaboration Portal™, developed by the Redstone Consulting Group, streamlines NCUA exam preparation in an intuitive project-centered tool, so you’ll know where you stand before the NCUA exam begins. RCG’s ACET Portal will be available starting in spring 2018.

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Why Choose the ACET Portal?

  • Best tool to ensure a successful completion of your annual exam
  • Content mirrors the ACET spreadsheet developed by the NCUA
  • Effective online collaboration with controlled, secure storage, access, and sharing
  • Integrated progress dashboards for individuals and project owners
  • Historical tracking of decision process and prior year responses
  • Minimized disruptions associated with the exam

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ACET Audit