Redstone Consulting Group and Emergifi Partnership
Redstone Consulting Group to Host Webinar Series
Are you Cyber Exam Ready?
Veridian Credit Union Partners with the Redstone Consulting Group for Cyber Exam Preparation
Veridian Credit Union Partners with RCG
New Jersey CU League Press Release
NJCLU and RCG Partner for ACET Exam Prep
How to Ace The ACET
The NCUA’s new cybersecurity assessment tool is a handful, but there’s help at hand.
Lobby Management
VSECU Improves Operational Awareness
Success with ACET Portal
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Save Time and Energy
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Friction-Free Cat Herding
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Prevent Last Minute Surprises
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Prepare to Succeed
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ACET Security Summary
Understand How We Protect Your Data
VSB ACET Press Release
Redstone Consulting Group and Virtual Strongbox Announce New Cybersecurity Collaboration Portal.
ACET Presentation
Preparing for the 2018 NCUA Cybersecurity Examination.
ACET Portal Flyer
Until now, credit unions have relied on voluntary self-assessments to evaluate their cybersecurity posture, based on guidance from the FFIEC.
ACET Portal Datasheet
Starting in 2018, NCUA examiners will use the Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET) to assess the cyber posture of credit unions.
Automated Skips Save Time, Improve Service, and Increase Revenue
With the Skip-A-Pay solution in place, Redstone Federal Credit Union eliminated the manual processing of skips and gave their members immediate answers to skip requests.
Electronic Lobby Management Reduces Member Wait Times
With the ELMO system in place, Redstone Federal Credit Union reduced average member wait times by over 75%.
SAP Presentation
Lobby Management Overview
Electronic Lobby Manager
RDC Overview
Remote Deposit Capture
ELMO Capabilities
ELMO improves the overall user experience and efficiency of the branch visit process for financial institutions.